PIA Overview:

Alliance of Women Alzheimer's Researchers (AWARE)

Executive Committee

Kelly Dineley
Co-Chair: Rema Raman
Vice Co-Chair: Nicola Lautenschlager
Vice Co-Chair: Ines Moreno-Gonzalez
Programs Co-Chair: Anne Marie Morgan
Programs Co-Chair: Annie Racine
Communications Co-Chair: Roxana Carare
Communications Co-Chair: Shannon Risacher
Immediate Past Chair: Laura Baker

The Alliance of Women Alzheimer's Researchers PIA is a global network of investigators whose research is focused on Alzheimer's disease. The goal of this PIA is to form and support an Alliance of Women in Alzheimer's Research to create a balanced global leadership in the Alzheimer's field.

PIA Goals:

  1. Provide mentorship for women researchers targeted to specific career stages.
  2. Provide a network for women researchers to facilitate collaboration, identification of resources, and identification of professional opportunities.
  3. Identify and address specific challenges that hinder the development of women leaders in Alzheimer's Research.


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