PIA Overview:

Biofluid Based Biomarkers

Executive Committee

Chair: Michelle Mielke
Vice Chair: Henrik Zetterberg
Vice Chair (Elect) & Executive Committee Member (Current): Charlotte Teunissen  
Programs Chair/Executive Committee Member: Andreas Jeromin
Communications Chair:  Fabricio Oliveira
Executive Committee Member:  Laura Baker
Executive Committee Member: Kaj Blennow
Executive Committee Member: Piotr Lewczuk
Executive Committee Member (Elect): Sylvain Lehmann
Executive Committee Member: Ralph Martins
Executive Committee Member (Elect): Robert Rissman 
Junior Research Member: Nicholas Ashton
Junior Research Member (Elect): Marta del Campo  
Immediate Past Chair: Sid O'Bryant


The objective of the PIA is to provide an effective means of communication across research and industry leaders for the development and advancement of the clinical and research applications of biofluid biomarkers in Alzheimer’s and other neurodegenerative diseases. This objective will be achieved by conducting an annual PIA Day meeting at the Alzheimer’s Association International ConferenceⓇ (AAICⓇ), collaborative manuscripts for the field, PIA honors for achievements in the space, and other means as deemed appropriate by the executive committee.


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