PIA Overview:

Partnering with Research Participants

New PIA; this PIA was established in April 2022.
Executive Committee

Chair:  Sarah Walter
Vice Chair:  Diana Karamacoska
Programs Chair:  Iracema Leroi 
Communications Chair:  Aida Suarez Gonzalez
Public and Patient Involvement (PPI) Chair:  Helen Medsger
Student Member:  Sarah Gregory
Steering Committee Member:  Allison Gibson
Steering Committee Member:  Crystal Glover
Steering Committee Member:  Emily Largent
Steering Committee Member:  Ríona McArdle
Steering Committee Member:  Doris P Molina-Henry
Steering Committee Member:  Doris Zallen
Research for dementia therapeutics and care occurs in a world that is constantly changing. We can improve accessibility and meaningfulness of research by integrating perspectives of participants in the design and conduct of research, as well as in the way results are disseminated. A global forum is needed for researchers to share best practices on how to partner with participants, as well as opportunities to learn directly from the lived experiences of a diverse group of research participants. This PIA will work with existing PIAs and leverage existing groups to ensure broad access and applicability. 


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