PIA Overview:

Artificial Intelligence for Precision Dementia Medicine

New PIA; this PIA was established in April 2022.   
Executive Committee

Chair:  David Llewellyn
Vice Chair:  Janice Ranson
Programs Chair:  Michelle Lupton
Communications Chair:  Lokendra Thakur
Steering Committee Member:  Ahmad Al Khleifat
Steering Committee Member:  Neil Oxtoby
Student/Postdoc Member:  Stevie Hendriks
Machine learning and AI are powerful techniques that have the potential to transform dementia research and healthcare. However, the machine learning and AI community have traditionally worked in separate silos to dementia researchers, and so far the huge potential of these techniques is largely unrealized. Neuroimaging stands out as an exception to this generalization, with a large number of machine learning studies predicting Alzheimer’s disease diagnostic status, risk and prognosis. However, these studies are undermined by an overreliance on ADNI data (over half of all studies) and a lack of external validation. To move this field forward we need to improve the design and reporting of these studies, extend these studies to more diverse datasets and populations, and improve opportunities for multidisciplinary innovation. This PIA will benefit dementia researchers looking to harness the power of machine learning and AI, and computer and data scientists looking for cutting-edge applications in high dimensional health data. 
More information coming soon. 


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