PIA Overview:



Executive Committee

Chair: Mark Bondi
Vice Chair: 
Kathleen Welsh-Bohmer 
Programs Chair: 
Katherine Bangen 
Communications Chair: 
Kaitlin Casaletto 
Student/Postdoc Member: Florence Johnson 
Steering Committee Member: Roos Jutten 
Steering Committee Member:
 Matthew Summers
Steering Committee Member: 
Kun Hu
Immediate Past Chair: Douglas Galasko


Advances in Cognitive assessments are crucial for the diagnosis of neurocognitive disorders, for the evaluation of putative clinical trial effects, and for treatment planning. These assessments also provide an important basis for counseling of patients and families. The Cognition PIA aims to convene neuropsychologists, behavioral neurologists, and geriatric psychiatrists to exchange information on cognitive underpinnings of AD and related disorders, discuss brain-cognition relationships, establish an international consensus on cognitive “tools” for diagnostic assessment and treatment outcomes, and to advance the development of more effective ways to evaluate cognitive changes.

The Cognition PIA currently comprises three work groups:

1. Harmonization of Neuropsychological Assessment
2. Technological Advances and Cognitive Testing for Screening/Assessment of Dementia
3. Cognition and Technology

Members of the Cognition PIA are invited to join existing work groups, as well as to form new work groups with other members within and across PIAs to tackle other important cognition-related topics, such as: cross-cultural cognition, development and validation of cognitive screening and/or monitoring tools, understanding the neural correlates of cognition, best practice of cognition in studies, lifespan view of cognition, and cognition & function. 


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