PIA Overview:

Diversity and Disparities


Executive Committee

Chair: Yakeel T.  Chair: Yakeel T. Quiroz
Chair (Incoming): Ganesh Babulal
Vice Chair: Ganesh Babulal
Vice Chair (Elect): Megan Zuelsdorff
Programs Chair: Mario Parra
Programs Chair (Elect): Shana D. Stites
Communications Chair: Megan Zuelsdorff
Communications Chair (Elect): Robert W. Turner ll
Student/Post-Doc Representative: Miguel Arce Rentería
Student/Post-Doc Representative (Elect): Sanne Franzen
Immediate Past Chair: Yakeel T. Quiroz

The Diversity and Disparities PIA focuses on identifying potential differences in risk reduction strategies, diagnosis, and treatment effectiveness in individuals of diverse backgrounds. A major emphasis is placed on underlying cultural and cognitive differences and brain mechanisms. The PIA also explores culturally-responsible strategies for dementia risk reduction in these populations.



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