PIA Overview:

Immunity and Neurodegeneration

Executive Committee

Chair: Donna Wilcock
Vice Chair: Andrea Tenner
Programs Chair: Marcia Gordon
Communications Chair: Brianne Bettcher
Steering/Executive Committee: Delphine Boche
Steering/Executive Committee: Guillaume Dorothee
Steering/Executive Committee: Christopher Norris
Adhoc Member: Richard Margolin
Student Trainee: Brittani Price
Immediate Past Chair: Bruce Lamb

Accumulating genetic, epidemiological, biochemical and histological studies as well as brain imaging and clinical studies suggest that both peripheral and central immune cells likely play a critical role in the development and progression of Alzheimer's disease and related disorders, including many other neurodegenerative diseases. These findings also suggest an opportunity for the development, characterization and testing of novel therapeutic targets focused on immunity in AD. The Immunity and Neurodegeneration PIA seeks to serve as a unique working group of basic, translational and clinical researchers working on all aspects of both adaptive and innate immunity to stimulate interdisciplinary research, develop consensus, identify knowledge gaps on issues critical to the field, and integrate and promote investigators in the field. The objectives of the PIA are to foster collaboration, develop consensus surrounding characterization and terminology of inflammatory processes, and provide informative programs, AAIC sessions, and reviews that update the dementia field on the rapidly evolving understanding of the role immunity plays in neurodegenerative processes.


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