PIA Overview:

Lewy Body Dementias



This PIA was established in April 2019.

Chair: Jim Leverenz
Vice Chair: Joseph Kane
Programs Chair: Daniel Ferreira
Communications Chair: Laura Bonanni
Student/Postdoc Member: Annegret Habich
Steering Committee Member: Evelien Lemstera
Steering Committee Member: Federico Rodriguez-Porcel
Steering Committee Member: Arvid Rongve
Immediate Past Chair: Dag Aarsland

Lewy Body Dementias (LBD) contribute to approximately 20% of dementia cases and are often underdiagnosed or misdiagnosed, thus leading to either no treatment or incorrect treatment. In addition, research into LBD has lagged far behind that of AD and others. This PIA’s vision is to disseminate information about LBD (including MCI) to public and medical communities and increase research efforts by joining forces and collaborate worldwide. An additional goal is foster professional development, mentoring opportunities and networking skills to colleagues and trainees in the arena of LBD and to policy advocates.



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