PIA Overview:

Nutrition, Metabolism and Dementia

Executive Committee 

Co-Chair: Cecilia Samieri 
Hussein Yassine
Vice Chair:
Benedict Albensi
Programs Chair:
Ondine van de Rest 
Immediate Past Co-Chair: 
Gene Bowman 

There is an abundance of evidence that suggests nutrition and metabolism play a role in cognitive aging and Alzheimer’s dementia. However, the field of study is particularly complex and inconsistencies in the literature make the development of sound public health recommendations a major challenge. This interest group will create a ‘hub’ at the Association to unite scientists and clinicians from both academia and industry who are interested in advancing the field.

PIA objectives:

  1. Develop and advance clinical and research applications of nutrition in Alzheimer's disease and related disorders.
  2. Develop and submit dedicated research sessions on nutrition and metabolism for consideration at the AAIC annual meetings.
  3. Foster the development of consensus criteria for nutrition and metabolism research and interpretation of findings on AD and related disorders.
  4. Foster the creation of multi-study collaborations around nutrition and metabolism in AD and related disorders.


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