PIA Overview:

PIA to Elevate Early Career Researchers (PEERs)


This PIA was established in September 2020.

Executive Committee

Chair: Beth Shaaban
Vice Chair: Sindhuja Tirumalai Govindarahan
Programs Chair: Darina Petrovsky
Communications Chair: Anqesha Murray
Continent Lead - Africa: Royhaan Folarin
Continent Lead - Asia: Tengfei Guo
Continent Lead - Australia: Diana Karamacoska
Continent Lead - Europe: Sara Laureen Bartels
Continent Lead - North America: Amy R. Nelson
Continent Lead - South America: Andrea González


Attracting, supporting and retaining early career researchers into dementia research is vital.   
The Early Career Researcher (ECR) PIA aims to: 
 * Support early career researchers from across the world, to help them develop and progress within the field.
 * Understand and bring attention to career challenges faced by early career researchers.
 * Develop a dynamic network with funders and organizations to create institutional changes to support ECRs in order to retain them within the dementia field. 
 * Develop solutions, and campaigns that will attract top researchers to dementia science.

The mission of the ECR PIA is to establish and maintain an interactive global network to foster, develop and support early career Alzheimer’s and dementia scientists in every corner of the world. Developed by early career researchers, and involving senior people to draw on their experience in mentoring and understanding how systems can be improved. 


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