PIA Overview:

Sleep and Circadian Rhythms


This PIA was established in April 2020.

Executive Committee
Chair: Sharon Naismith
Vice Chair: Kristine Wilckens
Programs Chair: Paula Desplats
Communications Chair: Inga M. Antonsdottir
Postdoctoral Member: Claire André
Student Member: Laura Stankeviciute
Student Member: Open
Immediate Past Chair: Géraldine Rauchs 


During the last ten years, sleep-wake disturbances have received growing attention in the field of AD, being considered as a modifiable risk factor for cognitive decline and AD. However, the underlying mechanisms are poorly understood and it is also unclear which aspects of sleep are relevant. It is therefore crucial to further understand the associations between circadian rhythms, sleep quality and AD pathophysiology to ensure this knowledge could be used to develop effective therapies and/or preventive strategies.


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