PIA Overview:

Vascular Cognitive Disorders

Executive Committee

Chair: Fanny Elahi
Vice Chair: Roxana Carare
Programs Chair: Frank Wolters 
Communications Chair: Brittani Price
Executive Committee: Rufus Akinyemi
Executive Committee: Jo Barnes
Executive Committee: Amy Brodtmann
Student/Postdoc Trainee: Narlon Boa Sorte Silva
Student/Postdoc Trainee: Justine Moonen
Immediate Past Chair: Atticus Hainsworth


The overall aim of the Vascular Cognitive Disorders PIA (VPIA) is to encourage a global, multidisciplinary basic, translational and clinical research focus on vascular causes and correlates of cognitive impairments in general, and vascular cognitive disorders in particular, with integration and participation of students, younger researchers in Alzheimer's Disease, under-represented global regions, and senior mentors. The VPIA will also help build collaborations among researchers in Alzheimer's Disease, other neurodegenerative diseases and vascular dementia, with an emphasis on cross-PIA collaborations.


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