ISTAART PIA Timeline for AAIC® 2020

Activity Responsible Party Deadline
PIA Day "intent to participate" survey distributed to PIA executive committee members ISTAART Staff October 31, 2019

(excludes AWARE, Neuroimaging, and Technology and Dementia PIAs)
PIA executive committees respond to "intent to participate" survey PIA Leadership November 15, 2019

(excludes AWARE, Neuroimaging, and Technology and Dementia PIAs) 
PIA chairs receive AAIC invited program details (to help avoid duplication of topics with FRS submissions) ISTAART Staff By January 31, 2020
PIA activities at AAIC announced on ISTAART website ISTAART Staff By January 31, 2020
PIA activities at AAIC announced to members (via email and the ISTAART newsletter)  ISTAART Staff By January 31, 2020
AAIC abstract submission deadline (FRS proposals and individual submissions) PIA Leadership and/or Members General: January 27, 2020
ISTAART: January 31, 2020
Distribute requests for PIA annual reports and business meeting agenda details ISTAART Staff  May 13, 2020
Submission of PIA Day scientific session details due (including speakers and presentation titles)  PIA Leadership May 15, 2020
Submission of business agenda details due PIA Leadership  May 31, 2020
Email sent to all scientific session presenters for verification of information (i.e. title, name, affiliation)  ISTAART Staff and scientific session presenters June 1, 2020
Post PIA Day scientific sessions details on AAIC and ISTAART websites ISTAART Staff June 1, 2020 
Email Scientific Session details to PIA members ISTAART Staff June 1, 2020
PIA annual reports due PIA Leadership June 3, 2020
Email each PIA membership with calendar highlights  ISTAART Staff June 8-19, 2020
Solicit PIA curated itinerary information via Google spreadsheet ISTAART Staff June 15, 2020
Summarize PIA annual report data from all PIAs (for presentation to the ISTAART Advisory Council) ISTAART Staff June 30, 2020
Send a second email to each PIA membership roster with calendar highlights (workshops, PIA Day & AAIC) ISTAART Staff July 1-17, 2020
Submission of PIA curated itinerary (if interested)  PIA Leadership July 2, 2020
Curated itineraries and PIA Day scientific session details available via AAIC mobile app ISTAART Staff July 15, 2020
AAIC 2020 - Amsterdam  Educational Workshops:
July 24, 2020
PIA Day:
July 25, 2020
July 25, 2020
July 26-30, 2020
Submit business meeting minutes to staff PIA Leadership August 31, 2020
Conduct post-AAIC recap teleconferences. Finalize 2020-2021 annual goals.  PIA Leadership August - September 2020 

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"There are few forums anywhere that regularly bring together engineers, computer scientists, clinicians and policymakers. We have begun to map out how this field can have a major impact on the entire Alzheimer's research enterprise."

Jeffrey Kaye, Oregon Health and Science University, Portland, Ore.


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